Whether you are in the country or planning on visiting with the mind of having an adventurous and pleasurable time of leisure and learning, the Idanre Hill is one of the most exquisite and fascinating destinations worth visiting in Nigeria. This natural edifice is located in Idanre Town in Ondo State of South-western Nigeria. Economically, the hill serves as a source of Internally Generated Revenue for the Ondo state Government as the hill continues to receive visits from across the globe.

The Idanre Hill

The Hill which is about 800 years old is today one of the ancient hills in the world and was added to the United Nations Educational Scientific and Cultural Organization’s (UNESCO) World Heritage Site tentative list on October 8, 2007 in the cultural category.  It is also one of the most beautiful natural landscapes in Nigeria and resides 3000ft above sea level.

On a first visit, its height can be deceptive as one that can be easily climbed but an attempt to get closer will show the reality of the colossal nature of the hill, and can be reached by about 640 steps with five resting points on the way to the top.


Also, this magnificent hill houses a unique ecosystem upon which the cultural landscape has integrated. A visitor will never cease to marvel at the aesthetics, architecture and thoroughness employed by nature in the assemblage of hills of various shapes and sizes at Idanre, also called “Oke Idanre” by the locals.

The Idanre hill which is reputed to have both spiritual and tourist values attracts tourists in droves and has made the sleepy community of Idanre very popular. However, tourists and traditional worshippers are not the only ones who hold a fascination and patronage for the hill. Christian spiritualists, especially prophets visit the hill to receive guidance and to observe spiritual exercise for the growth of their ministries.


What Idanre has for Leisure seekers…

For leisure seekers and lovers of nature, the hill sits in an environment pervaded by an eternal aura of serenity and its evergreen landscape provides a wonderful setting for fellowship with nature at its finest. Also, a stream called “Arun water” runs on the hill, the stream is sacred to spiritualists who claim that the water has therapeutic effects which can cure all forms of ailments. It also houses crabs and all other kinds of aquatic animals. It is also believed that a swim in the middle of the stream results in an “eerie fuzzy memorable feeling.”

 The mysterious Agboogun footprints

Moreover, one of the things that set Idanre Hill apart is the myth behind the Agboogun footprints which is as old as the hill itself and widely believed to enlarge or contract to accommodate every foot.

aigbogun fooot

Idanre Hill taboos

However, there are some taboos guiding those on a visit to the hill. One of such is, mountain climbers coming from the top must not meet those going up while there are certain places where tourists, especially non-natives must not talk. To ensure strict adherence to the rules, a guide ensures that leaves are put in the mouth of visitors held by lips or teeth to avoid talking in forbidden places. Also, another guide ensures those coming from the top do not meet those going up as each group of climbers have different routes created for them to pass.

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