Africa is home to more than 50 countries and a number of islands offering a stunning variety of culture, scenery and wildlife unlike any other you have come across in your travels. Like many travel destinations off the beaten path, Africa is a victim of sweeping generalizations regarding safety, which unfortunately turns many women away from travelling solo and exploring the riches of the continent. The truth is there are plenty of fun and safe places to visit in Africa. Keep reading for AllTheRooms guide to Best African Countries for Solo Female Travelers.


Botswana, located in southern Africa, is considered one of the few remaining areas of unspoiled wilderness on the continent. Many female travellers come here to see the Okavango Delta, a favourite wilderness destination for travellers. The delta encompasses a vast area that a wetland ecosystem of lagoons and islands that cultivate a wide variety of fauna and flora. Once a British colony, English is widely spoken throughout the country. Tourism is a major part of the economy, one of the reasons why crime is so low in the country.


Ethiopia is a country that offers some of Africa’s most historic treasures, ranging from ancient tombs and obelisks to 17th-century castles. The East African country also has an abundance of green landscapes, most notably the region of Gondar that is often compared to mythical Camelot or a setting from Lord of the Rings. The Simien Mountains are another popular destination for hiking enthusiasts. Ethiopia is regarded as extremely safe and visitor-friendly – Statistic Brain lists it as one of the 15 safest countries in the world.



Morocco is an extremely popular tourist destination for female travellers in northern Africa. Perhaps more than anywhere else on the continent, Morocco has a blend of progressive modernity and classicism. The capital city, Rabat, best exemplifies this phenomenon. From the innovative architecture and inventiveness of the Museum of Modern & Contemporary Art to the ancient Roman city of Chellah, the possibilities for adventure are endless in this country. Visitors to the country find myths about the country’s shaky security to be far overblown and an unfair stereotype.


Found in southern Africa, Namibia is home to the Namid Desert, whose red dunes create some of the most photographed sceneries in the world. Though its desert alone merits a visit, the wildlife in the country is also spectacular. Approximately 10,000 cheetahs still exist in the world today, and more than a third are estimated to be in Namibia. Due to a dry climate and practically nonexistent pollution, Namibia has some of the best opportunities for stargazing on the planet. Despite a high volume of tourists in Namibia, it has among the lowest population densities in the world, which also contributes to its low level of crime.


The volcanic island nation of Mauritius is another nature paradise in Africa. Popular for its dolphin cruises, you can head out before sunrise into the open sea and swim with these majestic creatures. The Chamarel Coloured Earth (a striking region of multi-coloured sand dunes in Southwest Mauritius) is a photographer’s dream with its natural seven coloured layers of sand, situated next to the breathtaking Chamarel Waterfalls. Similar to Botswana, English is widely spoken in Mauritius. The country is well-regarded for its social equality, political freedom, and robust economy, which has led to its development as one of the safest countries in Africa.

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